Why Choose Us


    • Over 18 years’ experience in the loyalty field.
    • Comprehensive knowledge of the financial industry.
    • Qualified and bilingual personnel.

No Intermediaries

    • We aim at working in direct contact with our clients, no middlemen.
    • We are a Travel and Tourism Agency with an IATA
    • Direct distributors.


    • Avia Marketing has the robustness and support of Aviatur Group.
    • The best financial standing to economically back our clients’ operations.
    • Good reputation within the financial sector, vendors, and Government Institutions.

Corporate Governance

    • We adhere to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • SARLAFT (Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risk Management System)
    • Sustainability.
    • Ethical Management.

Technology and Security

    • The information you share with us is of utmost importance, thus the company obtained PCI DSS certification (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
    • Our IT team comprises expert personnel specializing in the development of loyalty programs.